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Dye DM14 Paintball Marker Review

The Dye DM14 is a rebooted and revamped version of the earlier DM models.  This latest incarnation, Dye’s first gas-thru offering, is more efficient and smaller than before with a streamlined design that making it sleek yet solid. The DM 14 Paintball marker is elegant without being fragile or dainty and it is now easier to maintain and clean than ever before.
At first glance this marker looks and feels aggressive. When you go to battle, you will be confident that no expense was spared by Dye in placing pure performance at your fingertips. At the core of the DM 14 is a bolt that is a little longer than earlier models in the Matrix line, resulting in a smoother shot and a noticeably reduced kick than before.
When aiming down range, the DM feels like an extension of your arm and you’re able to flick the weapon back and forth freely between your hands. This can be done while the gun remains extremely on-point and balanced. Flicking the gun toward an opponent feels effortless and natural.
This paintball marker has a stretched out design making this model feel more stable and I found that I can exercise more control over my shots and marker. I can effortlessly adjust aim as the balance feels so even when compared to less expensive markers.
The DM 14 has an ultra-lite trigger frame that is shaped like an hourglass adding to the natural feel of the gun making it feel a bit meatier in the hand in comparison to earlier models.
Gas thru
This model represents Dye’s very first Gas-Thru tournament marker. They have removed the macro line to improve durability and ergonomics and it is now a lot easier and quicker to switch hands in tight situations.
Quick Release Magnetic Bolt
This feature is brand new and the most reliable, fastest and easiest bolt removal system available. It has a one-touch spring-loaded button that enables you to take out and re-install the bolt kick within a few seconds. This has made standard maintenance much easier and more accessible.
Low Profile Design
Of all the markers in the DM series, this model has the lowest profile. It is approximately half an inch shorter and this gives it the most competitive and streamlined profile possible. The removal of the LPR to the front has made this possible.
Hyper 4 Regulator
This is the newest generation of the trusted line of regulators from Dye and is also their most consistent and reliable regulator, with the fastest available disassembly. You can complete standard maintenance in less than a minute.
Reach Airport
To achieve the best fit for any player, the tank can be move backward or forward. There is a floating ASA that houses the on/off toggle. Whenever the knob is turned to the locked on position, the frame delivers air to the marker and when it is released, the trapped air is vented. This enables the tanks to be easily removed and reduces wear on o-rings and regulator threads.
Sticky Grips
The wraparound Sticky Grip is new and tool-less and it enhances access to the circuit board and battery without the use of tools. Removal has been simplified by the addition of new contact points and the regulator has an integrated contact pad that enables maximum stability and comfort.
Reach Trigger
This feature represents the next evolutionary step in ergonomic comfort that has been individually customized. The Reach Trigger makes it possible to externally make adjustments to the reach and angle of the trigger. This enables a personalized fit for ultimate shooting capabilities.
Ultralite 45 Frame
This frame is the essence of progressive engineering and the influence of top pro players. Its hourglass ultra-lite frame was designed ergonomically to provide players with total control of the marker. The frame enables players to effortlessly pull the trigger as well (and it is rapid). It has a heads-up display LED light that provides alerts as to the status of the marker, which makes it possible for you to keep your eyes on the game and also makes changing modes and noting firing modes easy.
If you are looking to make additions to this already amazing marker then you can see our recommendations here.
Use these top accessories and upgrades to improve the Dye DM14.
The Dye DM 14 provides excellent control, superior performance and tons of features that enhance game play not to mention accurate from the first play. Straight out of the box you know you have a great marker with no upgrades necessary. As expected if you buy a marker of this price you get elite performance with a sleek yet durable design. In short this is a beautiful gun built to be durable and a consistent shooter at the highest level.

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